São Paulo - SP,  Feb. 3, 2021

Notice to the Market: Chairman and CEO


São Paulo - SP, February 3, 2021 - uisa (“Usinas Itamarati S.A.” or “Company”), announces on this date the beginning of the process of changing its leadership, as part of its strategic planning previously established.

José Arimatea Calsaverini (Ari), current President and CEO, will assume the Presidency of the Company's Board from the beginning of the next harvest, on April 1, 2021, where he will be responsible for the Company's strategic direction. Ari will be replaced in the Executive Presidency by José Fernando Mazuca Filho (Mazuca), current CFO and New Business Director.

Ari has been at the head of uisa since 2016, having led the important process of operational and financial restructuring that the Company undertook. Ari's accumulated knowledge in the Brazilian sugar-energy market will be fundamental in the process of designing Uisa's expansion strategy to make it a reference in the production of biofuels, energy, food, sanitizing products and other bio-inputs.

This strategy will be carried out by Mazuca, an executive with extensive experience in initiatives to apply new technologies to agribusiness. Mazuca joined uisa in 2019 to initially lead the newly created Directorate of New Businesses. Subsequently, he also assumed the role of CFO and Director of New Business, where he was responsible for the areas of Controllership, Finance, IR, Corporate Governance & Compliance, Legal, Integrated Management Systems, Automation and Innovation Technology, New Business and M&A .

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